Our History

Way Back Then…

The Gibbsboro Fire Company was organized in September, 1931 as the Lindenwold Terrace Fire Company by a group of volunteers which wanted to protect the Borough. In the beginning the first officers were Robert Brownly, President; John Ralston, Secretary; Lincoln Galloway, Treasurer; Spencer Mehner, Chief.

The first piece of equipment was a 1929 Packard with a 500 gallon tank and pump which was built by the members of the fire company.

On September 1, 1943, the Lindenwold Terrace fire Company received the name Gibbsboro Fire Company No. 1 and was incorporated.

The fire company received its first piece of new equipment in 1958, a 750 gpm International Pumper and in 1960 received another 750 gpm International Pumper.

In 1964 the new fire hall was built. It was dedicated September 27, 1964 by the members of the Gibbsboro Fire Company.

As years passed and the town grew, the fire company decided to upgrade their fire apparatus. In 1972, we received a Young 1000 gpm pumper. In 1979 a 1000 gpm Pierce Pumper was purchased. In 1986 spec’s were made and in 1988 we received a Pierce Lance 1250 gpm pumper.

As 1994 rolled around, it was time to look at replacing the 1979 Pierce, a 1995 Pierce Lance 1500 gpm pumper, with enclosed cab was purchased.

The year 2018 came with the prospect of new town-homes to be built within the Borough, so the company officially retired the 1988 Pierce Lance 1250 gpm pumper, replacing it with a brand new 2018 E-ONE Typhoon 75′ Foot Quint.

Both the 1995 Pierce Lance and 2018 E-ONE Typhoon are in use today.