108 Acorn Lane Voorhees



Station 681

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108 Acorn Lane

On the night of October 26th just before midnight, Station 681 was dispatched to 106 Acorn Lane, in the Green Ridge section of Voorhees as part of Task Force 662. B.C. Lauletta (66202) arrived and reported heavy smoke and fire conditions from the second floor. Squad 66 arrived on loction and went into service with a handline. Engine 6812 established the water supply to Squad 66, while the crew of Engine 6812 conducted outside ventilation along with the crew from quint 66. Engine 6811 arrived and the crew stretched the second handline into the residents. Overhaul was compleated and the fire was placed under control in under 20 minutes. The cause of the fire has been yet to be determined.

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photos by Ryan Scharff courtesy of Voorheesfire.com